Meet Other Working Professionals Who Stutter

In a world where only 1% of the population stutters, our community aims to build meaningful connections between professionals who stutter.

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Our stuttering community builds acceptance in our speech through unity

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Meet Other Professionals Who Stutter

Representing only 1% of the population, being a person who stutters can be isolating. Meet other people who stutter in the workplace to build normalcy in your speech disfluencies and challenges.

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Meet Stutterers In Your Industry

The challenges for a professional who stutters vary from industry to industry. Meet other professionals who stutter in your line of work who understand the specific challenges within your domain (ie: tech, healthcare, sales, etc.).

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Record Weekly Check-Ins

The day-to-day struggle of stuttering in the workplace can be overwhelming. Share details about your day/week to receive support from other community members and quickly realize you're not alone in your journey.

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Attend Events

Spread awareness - every month we interview business leaders who don't stutter in the workplace. Gain perspectives - every month we interview other professionals who seamlessly stutter in the workplace. Gain insights - every month we interview speech therapists who have deep insights into stuttering.

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Receive 24/7 Support

We have channels for both stuttering (ie: strategies, tips & tricks, new research, etc.) and professional content (ie: new jobs, technology trends, current events, etc.). We also offer interview/meeting prep services - all for free!

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For Businesses (Coming Soon)

Stutter Freely's mission is to build more unity in the stuttering ecosystem through community. We want to act as a complementary add-on to existing organizations/businesses in the stuttering ecosystem. Businesses get access to their own private pod within our community to engage their members further while also giving this same member base access to a much broader community of professionals who stutter.

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